These last times, you have been seeing the number 388 many times in the day. Is it just a coincidence or this number has a particular meaning? To know more on this topic, we invite you to read carefully and meditate the contents on the following paragraphs.

Before entering in details, you should know that this number is angelic. It is considered like this because guardian angels use it to transmit their guidance. You ask yourself why spiritual beings like angels want to get in touch with you. Because they know that you are actually in difficulty and they want to help you.

Angelic message of the number 388

The number 388 is a powerful number since it combines the vibrations, the energies as well as attributes of three figures which compose it. Moreover, the fact that it has two figures 8 amplify very much it influences. If figure 3 sounds with growth and vibrations of the ascended masters, according to figure 8, it manifest abundance. This last is also known like karma’s figure.

You have always had a good relation with God and this link is a little bit particular which makes you different from others. Guardian angels know that you have never stopped praying, even in difficult moment, so they have decided to offer you an abundant flow. As from now, you will not lack love and above all, you will be in good health.

Through the number 388, the angels promise you that you will have all what you need. By the past and even now, you have never stopped helping others. It is one of the reasons for why angels have decides to help and reward you. Certainly, it is very difficult to believe, but angels inform you that abundance flow will be finish. For it to last, just continue sharing with the needy.

Certainly, angels will be by your side, but be careful. The road will be certainly sowed of ambushes, so be careful. To be more productive, use your skills, competences, internal wisdom, but mostly your optimism. Besides the support of the angels, you really have everything to succeed.

The number 388 have been chosen because guidance that it encloses fits perfectly to your present situation, either on professional plan or familial plan. It message is clear: you are actually on the right way, keep up the momentum and success will easily come towards you.

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The number 388, bring us to another angelic figure, number 1, because (3 + 8 + 8 = 19), (1 + 9 = 10) and (1 + 0 = 1). To decrypt guidance include in the number 388, we invite you to consult the meaning of figure 1 or those of the numbers 38 and 88.


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