Interpretation of numbers and angelic messages


Synchronicity and angels numbers

Any idea about the notion of synchronicity? Synchronicity is the ability to observe a phenomenon at a precise moment in accordance with something but only for the person observing it. Carl Jung is the one who has most theorized this phenomenon.

This can occur with advertisements which are recurrently manifested as 444, 777 etc…or again with mirrors hours ,you certainly have seen this on your mobile phone, computer or again on your alarm clock with hours like 11:11 or 22:22. But one could also see combinations or sequences of more complex numbers.

Through the intermediary of a matriculation number plate, or with the innumerable codes which we receive each day from the IT and digitals. It becomes much more difficult to come through with the nature of the angelic message from a sequence such as 414853 for example.

If you often see this sign it means you actually on an awakening and evolution phase. You need to be sensual be connected to the spiritual world if we wish to understand and see the messages of the angels.

Angels do their best to give us beneficial information regarding our life while guiding us on our existence. However it is usually difficult for the non initiated to pay attention to the signs

More often we talk about coincidence or imaginations and we often forget the message to reconsider our terrestrial life which is materializes in 3 dimensions .The modern human being is detached from the spiritual aspect of his existence and unfortunately cuts him off from precious help.

Communication with the guardian angels

Angels use different means to get in contact with us. They begin by doing this in an intimate and profound manner. The soul is naturally attracted by the light and is sensible to celestial vibrations.

You need to pay attention to your positive thoughts. If you feel like you need to have a glance at the clock do it. If you feel the need to meditate go ahead, if you see a sequence of numbers speaking to you analyze what you are feeling at the precise moment or you just observe.

The guardian angels cannot directly intervene in your life. They implant on your part powerful symbols like numbers. If you realize a repetition of a sequence like 555 for example, it means the angels are trying to capture your attention. They are also testing your awareness would you be up to the task?

There also exist other means of receiving the message of the angels .There is the oracle of numbers which constitutes 72 cards corresponding to each of the 72 angels this oracle is compared to the TAROT OF MARSEILLE and can be used to obtain a powerful guide.

And of course our point of interest here is the interpretation of numbers. The incontestable reference in this domain is the book “The Angels Numbers 101” by Doreen Virtue. Just like we do it gives an interpretation of numbers from 0 to 999.

If you observe a particular number try to pray your guardian angel so it can be revealed to you. Consequently you will often see the same sequence or others which will come to complete the former; be receptive.

In the universe everything is inter connected and numbers comprise a mathematical assembly which is precisely equal. When you see a sequence of numbers the position and place of each number has its importance. The study of numerology is already present in the ancient days as well as in our modern days.

The aspect of trying to interpret the numbers that you meet permits you to benefit from precious advices. The angels and specifically your guardian angel will be close to you and you have to better observe the sign.

The invisible world is close to you to guide and advice you. The interpretation of numbers permits you to easily have answers and information on your future.

What will i find in the angels numbers?

Here you will be able to better unravel the messages sent to you by the angels through numbers or a sequence of numbers. There are various ways to use our site .Each of them permits you to have access to free interpretation. Here is what you will find on angel numbers.


We here by recommend in prelude that you consult the number which you observe to be the most recurrent. To know the meaning with the angels you just have to clic on the numerical sequence which interests you.


Once you have taken knowledge of the meaning of the number which constantly appears to you as well as those linked to it, you can then question the oracle of numbers. It permits you to receive a complete angelic guidance

The consultation of the oracle is free. For better use we are inviting you to consult the recommendations available on the access page of the ballot. Here you will have access to a guide which will deliver you a message. Thus you have to meditate to understand its meaning.

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