If actually you repeatedly come in contact with the number 1,it means it has a message for you .It may also happen that it is your lucky number .It’s now time for you to discover its meaning .Hence, the guardian angels are getting acquainted with this number in order to dissipate an information to you.

You are going to have an interpretation and it is all left to you deduce the message in it. The stars have chosen the number 1 for you, thus take some time out to meditate on its interpretation and be keen to the signals sent from the other world.

Angelic message of the number 1

The number 1makes reference to lots of positive changes such as a new beginnings, independence or even progress. It entreats you to follow the path which leads to success. It tries to explain to you that while being alone you can still accomplish great things .Tenacious as you are you have a bright future ahead of you.

Sometimes you have the sensations of being alone in the world. Note that its contrary to what you think .The number 1 reminds you that you have a particular link, a connection with someone else .You have to let life take its normal course and think positively. Ask yourself what you really want while letting your fears and worries aside.

Adopt a positive attitude, no matter what happens to you in life. It is one of the most important interpretations of the number 1. Never doubt and forge ahead. The stars know you are aspiring for something better, and there are objectives you have not yet attained.Consider these as challenges and reach out to them easily with all the positive energies found within yourself.

You may have failed once, but it is not a tangible reason to back out. The arch angels are telling you to start all over again. This time around you have to be optimistic. Think only about one thing, your success. Be it a professional problem, an emotional issue, or a financial constraint, let the stars take control.

The number 1 tries to remind you that you are a strong, independent, motivated, autonomous and unique person. You alone have the ability to create your world, full of love, happiness and glory. Have confidence in yourself! It may be a little difficult despite all what you must have endured, but do not forget that without these failures, you will not be the person you are today.

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If you wish to know more on the number 1, you can consult the meanings of the numbers 11 and 111. You will have access to all the messages which the stars diffuse via the number 1.


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