These last time, number 361 always come to your mind without knowing why or how. Have you ever heard of angelic number? Guardian angels or ascended masters serve these numbers to enter into contact with human. You should know that it’s not every day that angels manifest to you like that. If they send you a sign, it means that they have capital thing to tell you.

It exist many angelic numbers but angels have chosen 361 for you. What is the meaning of this number? Every angelic number has its own meaning and close all messages could change your life. However, read it with all your attention, one wrong word could give you bad significance.

Angelic message of the number 361

3, 6 and 1 are figures which composed the angelic number 361. You should previously know that these numbers are also angel’s number. So, they have their own meanings and bring their attributes, vibrations and energies to number 361. Figure 3 sounds with energies to ascended masters, figure 6 reflect financials aspects as well as materials aspects and figure 1 indicate that you should create your own reality.

Every time you search help to your friends, surrounding, but nobody want to help you. Angels know that you are in need, it’s a reason they decide to intervene. They have heard your prayers and want to get rid of your problems. With angels by your side, all your terrestrial worries don’t disturb you day and night.

All these bill which accumulate doesn’t disappear like this. For you to pay it, angels guide you through the number 361 towards news opportunities of carrier, towards peoples who want to help immediately. Angels always take care of you, but now they want to make miracle in your life.

A page turn and new history begin, a door close and other open. It’s an important message that angels want to let you know through the number 361. You will never be alone to face obstacles of life. Apart from your optimism and determination, you have advantage as compared to others, because you also have faith. It’s an element key that will permit you to have a good guide in your life mission.

For this years and future years, you can be able to reap all good things that you sow before. In case you didn’t do anything in the past, it is not too late. You are too young, dynamic, responsible, you have all to succeed, without forgetting that you have powerful ally: angels

According to angels, you have the power to change, you have the capacity as well as competence that permit you to ameliorate your finance. Before to taking decisions, don’t hesitate to ask advices to angels

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The sum of three figures composing the angelic number brings to number 1 because (3 + 6 + 1) = 10 and (1 + 0) = 1. Consult interpretation of this figure as well as of the numbers 36 and 61 could also bring more light on the hidden messages of the number 361.


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  1. I had a dream on the 24th of march. I woke up remembering 361. In my dream there was two ladies who I do not recognized them but they seem to know me. However, they kept repeating don’t forget! 361… over and over. I Had NO idea why I dreamt that so I surf it up. WOW…it’s exactly what I am going through right now.

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