The number 235 is a combination of cumulated energies of figure 2, the magic of the sacred figure 3 and the vibrations of figure 5. The result is a confident being, strong in his conviction and gifted with remarkable human qualities and intelligence.

More particularly, the figure 2 mark the quality of life, psychic equilibrium, empathy. 3 is a powerful figure which include natural talent and vivacity. It marks spontaneity and expansion. The figure 5 exult the perpetual movement of life and your natural aptitude to overcome difficulties of existence with the assistance of superior entities.

Angelic message of the number 235

The number 235 translate a message of appeasement when it concerns choices that you will have to take. You follow the way of your life and your existential mission. No one else will realise it like you, because this changes are inspired by your soul coming from the interior. It is very natural that your prayers are being understood and the superior creatures accompany you in a particular manner in this accomplishment.

Pay a particular attention to positive transformation which manifest in your life. The fear of the unknown can sometimes makes you doubt and reserve. Which is legitimate to every human being. But that destination to the unknown will lead you to the promise land.

By letting the angels guide you, you will cross turbulence zones in a harmonious manner necessary for a well-being. It is just a simple transition. Do not let fear stop you from progressing and seizing opportunities which opens for you. By appreciating you by your worth, the events that occurs through providence, you will profit from the good things of life.

The number 235 recommends you to have confidence in divine messages which are been inspired by the metaphysical bodies and keep a strong faith in your aspirations. Believe in you and your dreams in every circumstances. Your intuition and vision are marks of positive energies for a better future.

Everything that happens participate from a divine plan, live the road and do not be too preoccupied by the destination. You will reach before realising what is happening in your life. By their power, your prayers have been fulfilled by the superior entities that listens and protect you every times.

Your particular destiny is in recomposition and it will not last for you to realise it in your daily basis. All the doors remains open. It is your duty to be in that state of meditation and favourable positive energy flux.

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The number 235 comes back to the number 1 (2+3+5) =10 and (1+0) =1. Also explore the meaning of the numbers 23 and 35.


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  1. I am very grateful for this publication and for your the hands that has worked it out. Your connection with the angels and the superior beings is evident. Much light and love to you

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