By dialling the phone number of your friend you had a kind of flash highlighting the number 834. A few days ago, you experienced a similar situation that once again put the same number in evidence. What can these apparitions really mean?

You wonder why the number 834 has not ceased to appear in your life these days. Just know that angels are coming to you through this number. They send you important information that we reveal to you in the next lines.

Angelic message of the number 834

You are a lucky and blessed being. The number 834 gives you an answer. That of angels, archangels and Ascended Masters who answered your prayers. Now your problems of non-payment of bills and other vital needs are been taken care. You no longer have to worry about your financial difficulties.

Heaven works so that you are relieved and can focus on your life mission. You will see that new opportunities will come very soon and allow you to find or regain a monetary balance. You know how to take care of your family and this attitude did not go unnoticed by the angels. You will now be fully supported in all your projects.

You may even get a new job or promotion that will dramatically increase your salary gain. You will soon be able to enjoy a more peaceful life and offer your loved ones the things they love.

The number 834 also encourages you to make a point of honour on your spirituality. Angels have found that you tend to be weak in this area. You are therefore invited to make more efforts to enhance your positive vibes. Do a psychic work that will allow you to question your different instances.

Your barriers are still too rigid and you miss out on many opportunities. You must give up several principles that prevent you from living fully. Certainly, your beliefs are very important and determine who you are, but they can become obstacles to your fulfilment if they are too fixed.

Nothing should be immutable and you must keep in mind that you are doing what you want with your life. Angels are only guides and protectors who watch while advising you.

It is up to you alone to set the ideal conditions for achieving the goals you have set for yourself. Be less rigid and you will see that you will be able to undertake some great things you did not even think about until then. You have only one life, live there fully instead of restricting yourself to certain principles without any real importance.

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  1. Everything you said absolutely speaks to me and all make sense……thank you very much…….thhis dream of 834 is been haunting me and for some reasons i thought maybe it has to do with my house number which is 534.

    I received everything you said here.

    Max from South Africa

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