You have frequently seen the number 696. At first, you will be intimately convinced that it was a simple coincidence. But now, you know that this cannot be. And you are right. Some of these events are rarely the fruit of hazard. It is about, in fact, signs that your guardian angels sent you.

You need divine help. So you have asked your celeste protectors intervene. But they cannot directly manifest to you. It is for this reason that they use the figure to answer to your prayers and your questions. But you will have trouble to understand what they want if you do not consult the detail meaning of this number.

Angelic message of the number 696

One of the most powerful symbols of this number is sympathy. You never stay cold face to suffering of others. You have even the habit to take care of the persons in need. You will come to feel the pain of others.

Your guardian angels particularly appreciate the fact that you have taken the pain of others as your responsibility. It is true that you are not the cause, but your intervention is a great help for the persons that cross difficulties.

But you have the impression that people are still not sensible to your misfortune. Even when the person does not help, continue to make prove of compassion. You will not lose anything. Your angels will never leave empty handed. On the contrary, they will support in all your difficulties and will guide your step more than they can.

The angelic number 696 is a number where it finds the repetition of the number 6. So it influence is more powerful. This figure represents the symbol of wealth. This can be contradictory you will think it, because currently you cross a financial crises. So, starting to this number, angels want that you know they take in hands your material goods. You will not have any worry. During this time, you can concentrate all your energy and your time towards your spiritual call. And it is a permanent solution.

Angels want that you at last taste to truly happiness. You merit being happy and fully enjoying life with joy. As sadness take possession to your daily life, you have trouble to believe in this promise. But it is time to see the glass at half full. Stop crying about your sort and begin to smile. Celebrate life and do not focus yourself on what you have lost.

Also learn to make the difference between useful and pleasant. Do not lose your time on useless things, because it does not matter. Delete all the useless things in your life and begin to think of your future, but also to who is by your side.

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Are you ready to follow guidance which is given by the angels? You can continue in your way by consulting the announced advices in the number 3 (6 + 9 + 6) = 21, (2 + 1) = 3. As well with the numbers 69 and 96.


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