You are curious to know why the number 693 appears everywhere you look? Know that this event is not a coincidence. It will be then necessary to understand what it means. One thing is sure, if you are looking for a response, you are on the good page.

This number represents in fact, a sign of your guardian angels sends you. These latter uses the figure to draw your attention and to deliver advices or messages concerning your actual situation, where certain problems that you have to face and responses to your questioning on the future and the decisions you have to take.

Angelic message of the number 693

The first symbol which hides behind the number 693 is charity. Your guardian angels want you to learn how to give to the less fortune, unfortunately, since a period of time, you have become the more and more selfish. When you were broke, no one gave you a helping hand. Now that everything is moving on well in your life, giving is not your priority. In order for you to consecrate your time to this divine mission, the angels offer their protection.

The angels do not want you to start immediately with great charity associations. You may not notice it, but some members of your family really need your help. And you know that you have the means to help them. As from now, you should start becoming a blessing for those surrounding you. The universe is very generous with you, it is on your own turn to be kind with those who do not have that luck.

Angels also know that you are thinking of following a therapy. Meanwhile, force is to see that you have a lot of problem to find peace. You have kept anger against someone. You have the feeling of culpability in your mind. It is normal if peace is an unknown word to you. Chaos has totally taken control of your soul. In order to overcome this problem, you need to rest.

Angels want you to find help. Find someone in whom you can totally have confidence. Speak without filter about your problems, your feelings and emotions. You may not know it, but the fact of talking is already an open door for a durable and efficient solution. Try not to keep everything in you, because it will not facilitate your healing.

You have also noticed that you have a lot of success these periods. While, the angels ask you to rest now. It is true that they are occasions which does not present twice, but you need to find yourself, in calmness.

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Now that you know what the angels expect from you, you can better face diverse situations which will present to you. To go further in those directives; also consult the messages of the number 9 (6+9+3=18, 1+8=9). You can also read the interpretations of the number 69 and 93.


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  1. This message came in what seamed like a direct response from the oracle, to an episode of unneccessary and negative behaviour/ attidute from myself. I believe there is something really miraculous going on here. I continue to be grateful for the work here that is truly objective and true and good.

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