At first sight, the angelic number is just like ordinary numbers. Meanwhile, it meaning goes up of all that You can think. They are, indeed, the numbers sending by our guardian angels and they are carrier of important messages. So they can enclose precious advices for more brilliant and promising future

You should understand that each angelic number has a precise meaning and special at the same time. It is so important that you discover with which number angels are trying to draw your attention to understand what your celeste protectors have to tell you. If you have often met the number 689, so discover the message that angels want to share to you.

Angelic message of the number 689

If your angelic number is the 689, know that love is in the air. You have lastly, met a person with whom the current has passed. You are scared about the relationship to be an unfortunate thing. You do not finish giving him chance because you are afraid to be broken hearted, one more time. Angels assure you: true love sound at your door. All that you have to do is to open the door.

If you are in couple since few times, angels invite you to go to the next step: live together, marriage, children, so, you can get to a stronger engagement. The fears and doubt are just normal, but do not leave these last be an obstacle to benefit true happiness, at two. The only promise made by angels should be enough for you to jump.

Charity is also a great symbol of this number. It is about the possibility to share with the others, the privilege that you have. Universe has been, since all this time, more generous with you. Your material goods and money are greatly sufficient in order to cover your needs and those of your family. Now, it is time to give to less fortune. Make a gift to churches. Offer what you can to the orphans. Have a misery towards the less fortune.

The guardian angels also want to reassure you on an important fact: more you give, more you receive. Starting now, your carrier is based on the spirituality between the hands or the celeste protectors. As well, you do not have to be afraid, because you are totally financially supported.

Also know that the number 689 announce the end of something. You doubt about the sincerity of your colleagues. You have trouble to get or bad habits. Your guardian angels just want that you quickly proceed to a change. You should say goodbye to all people who are not benefit for your spiritual and personal development. It is time or never to also abandon your bad habits.

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The vibration and energy of number 5 also play an important role in your life (6 + 8 +9) = 23, (2 + 3) = 5. So do not hesitate to also consult the message behind the number 68 and 89.


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