Most often, the guardian angels use symbols and figures to enter into communication with you. For it to happen, generally they make a call to circumstances in order for the figure to appear to you, and this, in a regular manner. Upon thoughts, you have realised that it is not a simple coincidence which makes that lastly you have encountered the number 679 at several occasions.

If up till now you have not yet found an explanation why this sequence of figures appear in a repeated manner in your life, now you know what it result. Every angelic figure possesses their own meaning, because it transmits the message that angels want to let you know. We shall reveal you all what the number 679 can signify, but it is on to you alone to decrypt the message of angels which is personally dedicated to you.

Angelic message of the number 679

With the angelic number 679, the angels want you to continue with your perseverance. Continue listening to your intuition. Because it is through it that angels guides you in each of your steps of your life, on the way of your carrier and ultimate goal. Your thoughts, your visions and your intuitive knowledge guides you towards the good direction and you live and have a spiritual life with optimism and enthusiasm.

Have the assurance that you are fully in line with your mission of life. While being a soldier of light, you should put more in practice your knowledge and spiritual wisdom. However, the angels and spiritual highnesses congratulate already through the number 679 for all the work that you have accomplish in this sense.

The angels advice you to abandon old aspects of your life which is no more in accordance and as from now you will begin a mode of life more original. They suggest some questions or phases arrive to their end or to their conclusion, letting place to new departure which will ameliorate your life and will make you progress on your way.

Keep only the thoughts which makes you happy, surround yourself with people that can make you laugh and do you good things; do things that will make you feel comfortable; eat things which makes your body look holy and make you be in form. Though, you can put in question the efforts you are putting already in your life.

But you should still pay attention to your engagement and your resources. Take care of yourself in all possible means and be an example to follow for others.

A wind of change is blowing in your direction, do not run away from it! Be ready and benefit the best opportunities that it can bring to you. Be sure that angels help you in everything you enterprise.

Find out more angel number 679

This revelation will contribute to the amelioration of your life. But all this interpretation of the number 679 cannot be sufficient. Indeed, the number 679 is also linked to the number 22 on the superior plan, and also the number 4 on the inferior plan,(6+7+9)=22 and (2+2)=4. Also consult the meaning of the numbers 67 and 79 to go further.


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