Divine forces cannot directly present to you, at all time. This can hence make us think that no one listen to our prayers nor to our call for help. Meanwhile what most of us do not know, is that the angels intervenes in our lives through signs. However, with changes in our daily basis, we have the tendency not to pay a particular attention.

So, the means they use more often to transmit a message is by using the figures and symbols. Consequently, if you have noticed the number 668 appearing several times in your daily basis, this is an interpretation which will permit to decrypt the hidden message.

Angelic message of the number 668

Do you believe in karma? It is a universal law in which you cannot escape. Reason being that, here on earth, all what you do shall come back (one day or another). So, if you have the habit to sow bad things around you, you will only obtain negative results. You should understand that the universe feeds you according to your actions.

Angels want you to change your behaviour. You do not always act for the welfare of others. You only think about your own interest and yourself. Fortunately. The angels know that you are ready to change. It is time to pay your sins by starting good things around you.

Without this great change, you will never attain your objectives. Know that the angels observe you and it is in function of your actions that God act with you. It is the source of good things. You will never obtain the necessary money to pay your bills and satisfy your needs without him.

It is also the occasion to renew your links with social and family. With your overloaded timetable and diverse obligations on daily basis, you have the tendency to forget your family. What you do not know is that you continuously need your surroundings, especially when the situation becomes difficult. And if they do not tell you, they also need you at this moment.

Intuition is also an important symbol of the number 668. It is the capacity to know, at first, what will happen in a nearest or farthest future. What you do not really understand is that this capacity will also permit you to better study the behaviour of people and identify those who do not act well and those who merit the benefit of doubt. And exactly, This intuition will be useful next time.

Even if everyone points at one person, your intuition tells you that he has committed no crime. Let them know your position and have confidence in the little voice that guides you. The angels give you the responsibility to triumph on truth. Use this capacity for the welfare of the society. You will see, you will be happy to have helped to the liberation of a suspect, while innocent.

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Now that you know the great lines of the message of angels, you can continue your lecture towards the interpretation of the number 2 (6+6+8=20, 2+0=2). Also consult the numbers 66 and 68.


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