For some time, you have the impression to be follow. No matter where you matter and at every moment you feel that you are not alone. But where does this sensation come from? And why do you feel it? This may surprise you, but in all steps in your life, your guardian angel is always by your side.

When you go through an obstacle, he is there to support you. When a danger is imminent, he is there to warn you. But are you able to identify different signs that he sent you? If lastly, you have remark that the number 660 often present itself to you, discover now what this means.

Angelic message of the number 660

The first thing that your guardian angel want you to understand, that you are not alone. Since this time, you do not have confidence in your surrounding for a while, because you have the impression that they are always busy. That is normal because each of you have its own bunch of problem and you are not the centre of the world.

But do you know that a person is always available for you? Night and day, you can entrust your sorrows and pains to God. He is always ready to hear from you, even for the worries that the others can judge like insignificant. So, when you will have the impression that you lose foot or that you are about to give up, turn yourself to him.

Your guardian angel has seen in you the potential that few people have: the self-denial to yourself. Indeed, for the pleasure of one of your relatives, you are ready to off your light it makes it shine. If you judge that this is necessary, you will be able to leave a person take an opportunity at your fees.

What you do not know it is that the heaven see your behaviour and want to rewards you. If the people are not able to make the same for you, the angels can. You should not be worry, because all that you do is not for nothing. The good that you sow around you will carry it fruits. And you will be the only one to benefit. Persevered and always do what you judge is good for you and your surroundings.

The celeste being has seen that you have a lot of things waiting on your wish list. Because of your financial problem, you were not able to satisfy your desire. However, most of the purchases you wish to do are ingenious investment for your future, whether it is on the personal or professional point of view. Angels say that it is time! All your material needs will be soon taken in charge. But to enjoy this great opportunity, you should be patient. Because you better know it like no one: patience pays.

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The number 660 is also a very close link with the number 3 (6 + 6 + 0 = 12, 1 + 2 = 3). You can consult the meaning of this last to take better decision to the future. As well as the signifiance of the number 66 and 60.


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  1. This has actually described, expressed and resolved a very personal situation. Overwhelming gratitude, thank you.

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