Do you have the impression that you are not up to the expectations of your surroundings? Do you always have trouble in finding good decisions to make good choice? Your guardian angels know that your life is not simple. Moreover, face to this difficulty these last want to give you a helping hand.

To do this, they put at your disposal some directives for a more simple life and this, through the number 653 which seems to follow you everywhere. To avoid bad significance, this is what the number 653 hide.

Angelic message of the number 653

The Angels have seen that you actually, face great difficulties. Fortunately, you have never confessed you vanquished and prove, in all time, a great perseverance. Be serene: you are not alone! The ascended masters have heard your prayers. They want you to know that a clear amelioration is coming soon in your life. All that you have to do it is to listen and follow their advices.

You have always had difficulties in working with a team. Naturally alone, you have the tendency to decline the help of people in your surroundings. What you do not understand, is that the people who propose their help do not always have bad intentions towards you. Again, you have that power to unite people. Benefit it in order to obtain the best results in order to easily reach your personal, spiritual and professional objectives.

Wisdom is a symbol which is hidden behind the number 653. The heaven has offered you a priceless gift: a great capacity to listen and to find solutions to conflict. You are particularly gifted in your way of analysing situations. You can equally take the best decisions. The angels invite you to use this power to help others.

If you have the sensation to pass in front of something important, they angels want to let you know: someone from your surrounding hides you something. Whereas, you do not have to be afraid, because the truth will be known sooner or later. You have always been just. It is time for heaven to give you back.

Your optimism will be of great utility to let fall the obstacles which are found in front of you. The fact of always thinking positively will bring you advantages. In fact, the more you will be positive, the more positive things will happen to you. Like a magnet, you draw towards you new opportunities and also the luck to see your life ameliorating.

But the angels also know that you have the habit to do things according to yourself. To hope for success and positive change, you should not only be at the listening of directives of your angels, you should also follow them and have confidence to advantages that it can bring.

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The universe has given you the direction to follow, you should now act in that sense. But before that, also think of consulting the meaning of the number 5 (6+5+3) =14(1+4) =5. You can equally follow the numbers 65 and 53.


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