So far, you have behaved in an exemplary way, which is why angels have repeatedly shown you the number 497? Indeed, the 490 is part of what are called angelic numbers. The guardian angels use these to convey a message, advice or angelic guidance.

Each angelic number has its meaning. The one chosen for you, the 497, contains the guidance adapted to your current situation. There are many messages and tips, it's up to you to see which ones match you the most. Angels have shown you the number, so it is your duty to interpret it if you want to move forward.

Angelic message of the number 497

4, 9 and 7, these are the numbers which composes the angelic number 497. You must know that the first digit, the 4, refers to the vibrating power of the Archangels. Through this magic number, angels invite you to take the path of enlightenment of the spirit. Also, it indicates that you are an honest and responsible person. Through this number, your spiritual guides encourage you to build a solid future.

Did you know, it is your inner wisdom that makes you that optimistic and determined person. So far, you have never given up on the ups and downs of life, one of the reasons you are moving at an impressive speed. According to angels, you are close to success. To get there, you only have to follow the guidance of angels.

Right now, your Spiritual Guides are transferring you some of their positive energies. These will allow you to face any event. Angels have found that you have done a great job, which is no doubt why they support you. You have sown good seeds in the past, it is the best time to harvest.

According to angels, the fact that you focus on your divine life goal allows you to stay on the track. The road to success will be long, and it will be full of pitfalls. To avoid missteps, follow your intuition and listen to your inner voice. By trusting your judgment, you will be able to achieve great things.

Through the angelic number 497, angels urge you to develop your spirituality. If you feel the need to start a career-based personal spirituality, go for it. This is the perfect time if you really want to do it. Remember, angels are and will always be with you. They will always support you as long as you choose the right lifestyle choices.

Find out more angel number 497

The number 497 brings us back to the number 2 since (4 + 9 + 7 = 20) and (2 + 0 = 2). To learn more about angelic guidance, you can also take into account the interpretation of this figure. To go further, also take a look on the side of numbers 49 and 97.


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  1. 497 your time is now! Bring your sounds of thunder, electrify the sky, rain on earth, to a sweet melody of your hymn. Cast your wings to my protection and of my children. Karma will suit you as before!

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