In order to bring more light on this mysterious number, the 398, which is repeatedly appearing in front of you, we invite to read and meditate the interpretations below. However, before entering into the subject, you should know that the number 398 is an angelic number. We call it this way because they are the guardian angels sending them.

Through the angelic number 398, angels want to transmit messages or guidance. This latter will permit you bring major changes in your life. Your guardian angel knows that you actually have worries, so they have decided to come and help you.

Angelic message of the number 398

The number 398 is composed of three figures which are also angelic: 3, 9 and 8. This latter brings their vibrations, their influences, and also their attributes of the number 398. In order to understand what this mysterious number really wants, you need to seek the real significance of those three figures.

In the esoteric domain, the figure 3 is well known, since it brings the vibrations and also the energies of the spiritual highnesses. It sounds with certain of your strong points. Namely optimism, enthusiasm, sociability, etc. concerning the second figure, figure 9, it refers to your natural qualities: wisdom, generosity, tolerance and blossoming. At last, the figure 8 refers to the concept of karma.

Through the angelic number 398, the angel wishes that you should stay positive. According to them, your affirmations and also your positive thoughts will soon manifest. You are actually on the right way, you are doing a great job, so continue this way. Through the figure 398, the angel informs you equally that it is the ideal moment to begin a new practice.

The messages of angels are clear: you should concentrate your energy and your time on your divine mission of life, the angels and spiritual highnesses will provide your needs in every point. In order words, if you serve with passion your divine objective, heaven will pour in your life an infinite flow of abundance.

The road that will lead you toward success is still very long, so learn how to have confidence in yourself and have confidence in your intuition. Hidden in you, there is an internal wisdom, use it in order to take good decisions. If during sometimes, you feel lost, do not hesitate to turn toward your spiritual guides. They are better placed to give you the best advice at the moment. You can equally close your eyes, and turn towards heaven and pray.

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The angelic number 398 brings us to another angelic figure, the number 2, since (3+9+8=20) and (2+0=2). To know more on this angelic message, think to consult the interpretation of this figure. You can go further by deepening the numbers 39 and 98.


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