369, it may be your preferred number, however this cannot be enough to explain why it constantly appear in front of your eyes. 369 on number plates, 369 on street names, 369 on your bill, when does it stop? Well, you will stop seeing this number once you will all understand.

Why 396? Before everything, you should know that it is an angelic number, there are angels who have chosen it for you. Through this 369, your spiritual guide want to transmit you a message as well as the guidance. To be able to decrypt them, you should firstly know the meaning of this number.

Angelic message of the number 369

3, 6 and 9, there are all the multiples of 3. Thereby, the number 369 is a powerful number because figure 3 represent not only the ascended masters, but also the figure of the holy trinity.

The choice of this number had not been done for nothing, indeed, it counts every aspects of your life, and it is either financial, professional or spiritual. If the number 6 refers more to life in general, as for figure 9, it reflect all that is metaphysic: wisdom, internal force, etc.

No matter the tests that you have endure, you have never stop praying and it is a good point for you. Today, the angels want to inform you that your prayers have been heard. They will relieve you not only on financial plan, they will guide you also towards you spiritual way. It is what will permit you later to accomplish your divine objective of life.

Till now, you have always known how to take good decision. Continue like that and have confidence in your intuition. Like a spiritual guide, the angels are always there to support you so do not have any fear. A part from the fact that you should provide for your needs, the angels have also added another mission: help and serve humanity.

This can be looking strange, but effectively, angels want you to essentially focus on your soul’s mission. This kind of action will permit you to find internal peace, to help the needy. Concerning your financial worries, it is another story.

Through the number 369, your guardian angels ask that you entrust all forms of worries and fears. Indeed, a part from the support of angels, the universal energies are going to make sure that your financial and material will be satisfied.

According to angels, you still have a lot to learn in life. To arrive, you have to make prove of perseverance, you will put your patience at challenge. With angelic guidance, you will arrive.

Find out more angel number 369

Number 9, is the number of angel that you obtain by summing figures which composed the number 369. Useless to deepen on it because it interpretation is found in paragraphs. The best will be to look upon figures 36 and 69 for more information.


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