How is it possible, that among the 7 billion of peoples who are on earth, you are the only to see more and more the number 359? Is it a bad sign? Surely, it’s not a bad vision. Indeed, it’s angels who tries to communicate with you. The question is: why angels have choose this number and it’s about which message?

Do you believe in the existence of guardian angels? At all this time, they didn’t stop to veil on you and want to guide you toward the way of success. It’s without doubt, the reason they send you a sign. However, achievement of your life projects depend in the manner that you interpret hidden messages in the number 359.

Angelic message of the number 359

Just like figure that compose it, the number 359 is also an angelic number. So we find in this number: energies, attributes as well as vibrations of figures 3, 5 and 9. The first figure 3 is related to ascended masters. It brings positives vibrations: growth, joy, optimism and creativity. Figure 5 above of it sound with big changes. Problems resolution, spiritual illumination, motivation, figure 9 only reflect good things.

Your success depend on your life’s choices. For you to take good decision, angels give strong hand to you by indicating the way to follow. You have in yourself necessary qualities to succeed, it is just for you to force destiny. Obstacles, they always exist in your way, but with angels as an ally, you will have no worries for you.

According to the number 359, you will know a big change that will change all your life. You will no more kill yourself for this underpaid work because many opportunities will offer to you. You haven’t had the choice in the past, so angels decided to intervene by guiding you towards a carrier that will ever change your level of life.

All these changes are responses to your prayers. It’s a reward for your patience, perseverance and optimism. Just learn to share and help others. By doing this, you will be a sort of guardian angel to others.

It is possible that problems suddenly happen, keep calm and concentrated on your objectives. Consider these obstacles like challenges and use it to learn from life. Each time that you feel that you give up, remember that you have few steps to do to achieve your objective.

Through the angelic number 359, angels transmit you guidance that are not only just, but also liable

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The sum of the figures compose angelic number 359 brings us to angel’s number 8 (3 + 5 + 9) = (1 + 7) = 8. For the guidance to be complete, it’s more necessary to consult the signification of this last number, but also for the numbers 35 and 59.


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