Sequence of figure 3, 4 and 8 coat a deep meaning. If you have the impression to be follow by this last, know that a spiritual being tries to communicate with you. To let him enter in your life, you will have angelic guidance that conduct you toward a best life.

By this sequence of figures, guardian angels manifest it presence to you. Either it will preserve you from aggressions of force of darkness either they want to help you to achieve your true life way. We deliver you the signification of this series of figures that you frequently observe.

Angelic message of the number 348

To the number 348, we find vibrations of figure 3, energies of figure 4 and figure 8. Combination of these figures more intensify energies which comes from each others.

Figure 3 permit communication, adventure and spontaneity. It indicate that you are surrounded by archangels, guardian angels and that they testified it love by it companies.

For you to understand the sense of messages, be attentive to sign they send you. At every moment, you can invoque them.

Beside, figure 4 remind hardworking and objectives that you fixed. It is your responsibility to take the decisions which are important concerning your carrier. In the case of this change, you should be responsible and firm.

As to figure 8, it apparently to abundance, as well as wealth. If you see this number appear, it means guardian angels want you to hear your intuition, because it conduct you toward following steps which will permit you to easily live. This figure is also associate to karma.

As long as you accept it help, spiritual being deign rewards you by according abundance and prosperity in your life.

But, you should detach yourself from element that aren’t in accordance with positives vibrations which have been transmitted by your guardian angels. These negatives elements risk to make harm and undermining the relation you have with your guardian angel.

Don’t forget that angels support you and assure that project that you undertake will achieve without any problem.

The message of the number 348 is that angels have respond to your prayers and they invite you to continue to follow it directives. They assist you in your efforts and help you to achieve your own life objective.

This combination of figure is a message which invite you to make a call to archangels and ascended masters to receive their help and it company. If you feel that doubt is in you, don’t hesitate to put your fears on their hands.

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The number 348 is close to number 3 because (3 + 4 + 8) = 15 and (1 + 5) = 6. Also, consult meaning of this figure, as well as the number 34 and 48 to decode silent messages of angels.


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