338 here, 338 there! Do you have the impression to hear and see this number everywhere you go? It’s true, it can destabilise you, but don’t worry! In no case, you are hallucinating. It is your guardian angels that wish to transmit you a divine message through this number.

The angelic numerology is a practice used since antiquities. Know that numbers do not appear for nothing, it have a well precise signification. If, you feel that this figure repeats itself constantly, it means changes will act rapidly. But what is the significance of this number?

Angelic message of the number 338

In the number 338, we find the figure 3 and also the figure 8. The figure 3 expresses joy and taste of life. But to be happy, you should before anything recognise yourself, reconcile with yourself. Without this, i twill be difficult to be in peace with yourself. Abstain from closing yourself up, this may risk to appear other complexes carrying negative energies.

Are you satisfied from your actual financial situation? Know that you should not be contented with little if you are able to have more. By luck, the number 338 symbolises prosperity and abundance. Do not worry about financial situation (debts, bills…), now henceforth, you will draw wealth, not only material wealth, but also the riches of the spirit and soul.

In order to do this, the spiritual highnesses get rid of negative energies which surround you and replaces by the influence of divine life. According to the law of attraction, positive actions draw positive circumstances. So, adopt a positive attitude, that you will have the occasion to transmit to persons of your surrounding who has wave at soul.

Keep in mind that the best means to feel happy and to know joy is to know how to share. In fact, the fact of living by only thinking about yourself blocks you from having good relations with others. By sharing, this will awaken in you the feeling of esteem and modesty.

But before anything, in order for forces to act, it is important to adopt a winner’s attitude, that means have faith in vibrations of spiritual highnesses. Be attentive and receptive to their divine messages. Do not be afraid to receive signs. Give your hand to guardian angels and let them know that you wish to receive blessings.

From the first second of your life, guardian angels accompany and guide your steps, no matter what you do or where you go. Thanks to the powers of the spiritual highnesses, their forces manifest to you in an immediate manner to protect you from darkness or influences of darkness. It represents the light which enlightened in darkness.

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The number 338 is apparent to number 5 (3+3+8) =14(1+4) =5. If you wish to deepen the meaning, we invite you to consult the interpretation of numbers 33 and 38. This will give you more information on what angels are trying to communicate.


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