If you have often realise the presence of the angelic number 304, is that your guardian angels are trying to contact you. This means that they are sending message in order to guide your life. If you wish to know this message, search nothing to wait the signification of the angelic number 304

To discover the message send by the angelic realm, we are helping by giving you detail and exact signification of the angelic number 304. By reading all that will follow, you should quickly understand what your guardian angels telling you. Then, have a good meditation of it and grasp the best out of it.

Angelic message of the number 304

The message behind angelic number 304, is that your prayers have been heard by heaven and they work now by your name. Let your fears and worries and stay positives, because all are going to the right way. You should also, learn and gather your knowledge because in future, you will transform your achievements and wisdom in actions to help the others.

By showing you the angelic number 304, the angelic realm suggests you to make efforts of creativity for success and gain on the long term. Now the work that you realise carries it fruits in the future. Your devotion, your hard work and your responsible attitude manifested favourable circumstances stay open to receive universe blessing and be grateful.

Through the angelic number 304, your guardian angels incite you to leave out your negatives fears and your own incertitude which slower you or which embarrassing in any way. Willingness, hardworking and the efforts that take to live your personal truth are rewarded by abundance. Your needs will be filled as you establish strong bases for yourself and the others.

The angel number 304 predicts that guardian angels, archangels and spiritual highnesses are around you. You are able to communicate freely with them on their desires, fears, feelings, weakness… feel their presence, took a particular attention to your internal wisdom and your intuition.

The angelic number 304 includes the vibrations of the figure 3, 0 and 4. The figure 3 concern it increase, it expansion, it joy, it optimism, it charisma, it self-affirmation, it creativity, it manifestation, it society and it communication. The figure 0 is the sign of the strength of God and the universals energies, it development of the spirituality, it intuition as well as your higher inner. The figure 4 represents foresight, it diligence, it hardworking, it determination, it passion, it dynamism, it practical aspect and it organisation.

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The angelic number 304 also brings to number 7, because (3 + 0 + 4) = 7. So, do not hesitate to discover the integral signification. To go further that the message sends by your guardian angels, take the time to consult the interpretation of the figures 30 and the figure 4.


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  1. This was so helpful because I have always related the numbers 304 with something so dark and negative, this number comes to me all the time, everywhere. I wake up at this time quite often also in the middle of the night. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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