It is not for nothing that you regularly fall on the number 231. In fact you may not know it, but the angels’ uses different means to communicate with us. They can use several indicators amongst it figures. This is an interpretation of the message the world tries to pass to you through the number 231 which interest you.

The usage that you will do of this information which will be transmitted to you depends on your believe and your expectations. The message that the angels addresses can concern your past, present or future events. Hence use your internal wisdom to benefit it as much as possible

Angelic message of the number 231

The number 231 carries a message of comfort and encouragement. You are certainly going through difficult moments in your life. You are the only person who knows what is wrong in a particular domain and it does not satisfy you. The frequent apparition of this sign invites you to keep hope, because the spiritual highnesses will not let you down.

Constituted of the figures 2, 3 and 1, the number 231 associate several energies. Energies that you need to use in order to be ready for future challenges. The figure 231 appears to you and no one else, it is sign that you are on the right way. Your expectations and desires shall be favourable very soon.

On daily basis, you are call upon to show optimism, enthusiasm and creativity. Do not live in a closed way, because sociability and charity should be part of your life. If you regularly see the number 231, it means the spiritual world is ready to accompany you in the realisation of your projects.

Your creativity is an important asset that you do not probably value alot. The angels invites you to take conscience of your talent. If there is a project that you want to realise since a long time, it is now or never to do that. Do not hesitate to become self-dependent, if you are afraid to fall, have confidence in spiritual highnesses who will save you and indicate you the direction to follow.

Do not let yourself influence by circumstances. Find in you the necessary motivation to move forward. It is not because others have failed that you will not succeed. Listen more frequently to your internal voice which tells you that you have the capacity to do great things if you are motivated.

You may need partners, the figure 2 that we find in the number 231 shall help you to distinguish good and bad peoples. You therefore choose without fear the people with which you wish to establish relationship. That person will accept your soul mission and will participate in it accomplishment.

Keep in memory that angels and spiritual world are close to you. They follow and accompany you on daily basis. Their forces will bey ours if you give them your attention.

Feel yourself with positive thoughts and optimism and very soon you shall see your dreams come true the one another.

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The energetic charge of 231 brings us to the number 6 since (2+3+1) =6. The interpretation of the figures 2,3,1 and also the number 23 and 31 shall help you acquire ample informations that angels do transmit.


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