In case you have seen too often the angelic number 138, do not underestimate it, because it is your guardian angels who send you a sign. By attracting your attention, they try to tell you that they have a message to transmit to you. But to find this angelic message, you will have to look for the meaning of the number 138.

If you want to discover the integral interpretation of the angelic number 138 in order to see the message that the guardian angels send to you, we will immediately give you the meaning of this number. Make an attentive reading of all that will follow to truly understand what the angelic realm are trying to tell you.

Angelic message of the number 138

Through the angelic number 138, your guardian angels urge you to continue your positive motivation and your prayers about your financial field and your career. Give up all your worries and your worries to the High masters who are constantly surrounded you with love.

The message delivers by the angelic number 138 is to continue to listen to your knowledge and the direction of the angels while taking the right measures. It is possible that the new opportunities are coming to you (promotion, employment or income) so try something different and exciting. Believe that you got the competences and the abilities required.

The Ascended Masters help you to manifest the prosperity and the abundance in your life. The angelic number 138 reminds you that the law of giving and receiving really exist. So when you have a lot, share with your relatives.

The angelic number 138 says that you manifest the material abundance, especially regarding your career and your earning potential. You are supported by the angels and the universal waves, they help you to receive all that you deserve by your actions, your affirmations and your thoughts. Accept the blessings of profusion with gratitude in order to ensure the continued flow of supplies.

Many are the attributes brought by the number 138 with the presence of the numbers 1, 3 and 8. The number 1 is about the self-freedom, the initiative, the new starts, the leadership, the sensation and the intuition. But it is also linked to the motivation, to the willingness to move forward, the courage and the progress. It reminds you that you have creating your own reality by your ideas, your beliefs and your movements. The number 3 is the communication, the enthusiasm, the evolution, the spirit openness, the skills and the talents. This figure also indicates that the ascended masters are with you, they are assisted you if you ask them while helping you to focus on the divine spark in you and your fellows.

With the number 8, expect to the wealth, the quantity, self-trust, the discernment, the success, the knowledge and the humanity help. However, the number 8 also represents the karma, the universal and the spiritual law of cause and effect.

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You have seen the meaning of the angelic number 138 now, find out the meaning of the number 3 (1 + 3 + 8) = 12 and (1 + 2) = 3 to go further with the message from the angelic realm. See also the meaning of the numbers 13 and 38.


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